Ongoing Projects at Bangalore

Ongoing Projects

Project Name: Prestige Marriot Hotel
Built up Area: 92,438 sqm
Client: M/s. Prestige Estates Projects Ltd
Project Scope: Hotel comprising of GF+3UF . Convention Center comprising of Basement+Ground floor.

Project Name: Brigade Orchards
Built up Area: 32,602 sqm
Client: M/s. Brigade Enterprises Ltd.
Project Scope: Commercial complex comprsing of basement + G+ 6 floors.

Project Name: Century Central
Built up Area: 51,096 sqm
Client: M/s Century Real Estate Holdings Pvt Ltd
Project Scope: Residential Cum Commercial Complex- 4 Towers 2B+G+9 Floors & 2 Towers B+G+8 Floors

Project Name: Platinum Ananda
Built up Area: 23,589 sqm
Client: M/s. Platinum Developers
Project Scope: Residential building comprising of B+G+11 Floors.

Project Name: Shriram Sameeksha
Built up Area: 125,139 sqm
Client: M/s. Shriram Properties Pvt Ltd
Project Scope: 18 Towers with 9 Towers comprising of B+Stilt+G+6 Upper floors & 9 Towers Stilt+G+6 Upper floors.

Project Name: GR Regent Park
Built up Area: 38,740 sqm
Client: M/s. SGR Buildtech Pvt Ltd
Project Scope: 4 Towers comprising of B+G+12UF & Clubhouse.

Project Name: Century Ethos
Built up Area: 128,298 sqm
Client: M/s. Century Real Estate Holdings Pvt Ltd
Project Scope: 4 Towers with 3 Towers comprising of 2 Basement +Ground floor+21 Upper Floor & 1 Tower with 2 Basement +Ground floor+11 Upper floor & Clubhouse

Project Name: Inland Edilon
Built up Area: 15,329 sqm
Client: M/s. Inland Infrastructure Develoepers Pvt. Ltd.
Project Scope: 3 Towers comprising of B+G+4 Upper floors.

Project Name: Shriram Smrithi ( North Block)
Built up Area: 49,381 sqm
Client: M/s. Shriram Properties Pvt Ltd
Project Scope: Residential Complex - Stilt/Basement+G+7 floors

Project Name: Richmond Towers
Built up Area: 4,366 sqm
Client: M/s. Parveen Villa
Project Scope: Residential buidling comprising of B+G+7 Upper floor.

Project Name: Omega Block for Delhi Public School
Built up Area: 10869
Client: M/s. KK Educational and Charitable Trust, Bangalore
Project Scope: School bulding - Ground floor + 3 Upper floor, Civil, structural & finishing works.

Project Name: Brigade Buena Vista
Built up Area: 111483
Client: M/s. Brigade Enterprises Ltd.
Project Scope: 4 Towers comprising of 2Basement +G+22 floors.

Project Name: Brigade School Extention
Built up Area: 5574
Client: M/s. Brigade Enterprises Ltd.
Project Scope: 2 Upper floors- Civil structure & finshing works.

Project Name: Assetz Here & Now
Built up Area: 4,40,000
Client: M/s. Assetz Investments & Holding LLP
Project Scope: 2 Towers: 2B+GF+13 Upper Floors+ Terrace. Civil: Structure & Finishes.

Project Name: Brigade Orchards School
Built up Area: 1,46,000 sqft
Client: M/s. BCV Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Project Scope: Stlit+ 3 Floors +Terrace Structure & Finishing works.

Project Name: Legacy Salvador
Built up Area: 352000 sqft
Client: M/s. Legacy Global Projects Pvt Ltd.
Project Scope: 11 Towers – B+G+4 Upper Floors Civil, Structure, & Finishing Works

Project Name: Township & Community Centre Building, Penakonda
Built up Area: 80000 sqft
Client: M/s. 12 Stone Bonwon India Pvt. Ltd.
Project Scope: Township – 15 Blocks – GF+1 UF(12 Nos.),GF( 3 Nos.), Community Centre – 1 Block – GF Civil & Structure Works

Project Name: Valmark Orchards Square
Built up Area: 49000 sqft
Client: M/s. Sri Nakoda Construction Ltd.
Project Scope: 2 Towers - 2B+G+16 Upper Floors Civil, Structure & Finishing (Upto Plastering)