Policies & Values

  • Core Values
  • IMS Policy
  • Business Development & Contracts Policy
  • Human Resources & Administrative Policy
  • Procurement Policy
  • Logistics Management Policy
  • IT & ITES Policy


  • To be the most respected company in engineering, construction and project management – providing cost effective reliable solutions.


  •   To provide innovative, responsive, reliable and cost effective engineering and construction solutions while ensuring Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.
  •   To be a trend setter by sharing best practices and creating a work environment that inspires and empowers its employees.
  •  To be the most respected company for its services and a source of pride for all stakeholders.

Core Values

  •  Honour Commitments
  •  Follow Business Ethics
  •  Positive Attitude
  •  Speed in Action


  •  Provider of best construction practices, including safety & environmental protection.
  •   Win the trust of all its stakeholders.
  •  Inspire & empower people to achieve their goals.
  •  Promote dignity of labour at all levels.

IMS Policy

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Effective management of the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (QEOHS) System is an integral part of our business process. We shall achieve this by:

  • Executing all contracts conforming to the contractual requirements, specifications and applicable standards; and to the satisfaction of the Customers.
  • Complying with the applicable legal & other requirements of QEOHS.
  • Educating and training all employees in QEOHS practices, actively promoting and encouraging them through communication and sharing of information and expertise.
  • Conservation of resources like water and power; minimizing environmental impacts, occupational health and safety risks in the Company processes, products and services.
  • Providing a healthy, safe and environmentally sound work place
  • Establishing a framework for reviewing the Integrated Management System (IMS) at regular intervals through monitoring & measurement of the QEOHS performance.
  • We are fully committed to comply with the requirements of the IMS by providing adequate resources to achieve excellence and continual improvement in our QEOHS System.
  • Sd/-

Business Development, Tendering and Contract Management Policy

Business Development

  • To put in sustained efforts for enlarging the base of Clients for future business.
  • Capture market feedback/assessment so as to reflect the same in the Corporate Planning.
  • Continuously keep abreast with the workload of the competitors so as to explore the same.
  • Remain informed with the market economy, in particular with the state of Real Estate Business, so as to evolve realistic forecast of our business.
  • To obtain feedback from the existing Clients and discuss any conflict (s) on ground, which may have potential risks in contract management.
  • To maintain good relations with the existing Clients through continuous interaction, with a view to explore new business.
  • Explore business opportunities in other avenues so as to widen the scope of existing operations.


  • To actively take part in tendering process, in accordance with the guide lines of the management and carry out detailed scrutiny of the documents, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, threats, ambiguities, contradictions 8, opportunities and submit bids accordingly.
  • To ensure correct and systematic compilation of all correspondences, leading to signing of the contract document.
  • To brief project team and visit the project sites at intervals to ensure that there are no gaps between the execution and the understanding of the Contract document.

Contract Management/ Administration

  • To ensure that both the parties to the contract meet the obligations & the expected business benefits and value for money are realized.


Human Resources & Administrative Policy

  • To ensure that all statutory requirements, in relation to the employees are implemented.
  • To strive to employ the most competent man power, as per the requirements of the Organisation and ensure implementation of a transparent Appraisal System.
  • To create a congenial work environment for achieving the individual/ organizational goals & objectives, by continuous interaction.
  • To assist the employees in realizing their full potential by organizing skill development programmes/workshops/training on a continual basis complying to the annual Training Plan.
  • To ensure that each employee is treated with dignity, respect, fairly and with equality.
  • To ensure hygienic, healthy and safe accommodation to the staff at work place.


Procurement Policy

  • To provide all resources, other than the human resource, to the Projects, which are not available within the company, and therefore need to be procured from the open market.
  • To remain updated with the latest equipment / materials available in the market and recommend their induction to the management based on a cost benefit analysis.
  • Purchase materials of the desired quality for the projects based on competitive tendering and negotiation for rates & payment terms and monitor their supply for schedule and quality.
  • Develop new vendors, ensure equitable treatment and promote competition amongst them with regard to rates / quality and delivery schedules.
  • Promote a healthy and harmonious Buyer / Supplier relationship.


Logistics Management Policy

  • To provide effective and timely logistics support to all project sites, by providing the necessary Plants & Machineries and their operators & drivers.
  • To maximize the 'on road' state of all plants and machineries by adhering to operational maintenance, training of operators and control on their movements.
  • Organize deployment of the Company owned plants / machineries / transport, to avoid idling of resources and minimize hiring.
  • Project to the Management at the appropriate time, the correct requirement / details of the plants / machineries / vehicles to be procured.
  • Maintain operational/driving discipline by training the operators / drivers, with an aim to achieve zero accident tolerance.


IT & ITES Policy

  • To deliver efficient and timely IT services to meet the functional requirements of the organization.
  • To advise the Management for updating/acquiring IT hardware/software, with a view to enhance operational efficiency and cost effectiveness in the organization.
  • Ensure that the Office network and other resources cannot be accessed by any third/unauthorized party.
  • Maintain backups of electronic data.
  • To provide support to the ERP implementation program through training to end-users, ensuring security, maintaining back-ups etc.